Is your organization struggling to find suitable candidates for technical positions in your organization?

See how your organization stacks up to the competition in our just released 2023 State of Tech Talent report. One thing for sure, you’re not alone, with 64% of organizations reporting hiring and retention challenges. 

What are organizations doing? Two key, fast-accelerating trends are:

  1. Increasingly relying on certifications to verify skills (73%) and identify the right candidates along with pre-employment testing (81%).
  2. Upskilling existing talent to increase retention and close skill gaps (58%), especially for organizations reducing (52%) or freezing (50%) their hiring.

Get the details on all the trends you need to beat the competition at the recruiting and retention game.

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Organizations cannot solely rely on hiring to solve the tech talent shortage.

Although there is a high demand for skilled technical professionals, the availability of labor remains severely limited, and there is no immediate solution in sight. Organizations cannot solely rely on hiring to solve the tech talent shortage.

Training is Significant

Investing in upskilling is crucial for companies to remain competitive in the market. With emerging technologies constantly evolving, companies must invest in training and certification opportunities to equip their employees with the necessary skills. Upskilling existing employees, offering increased salaries, improving work/life balance, and providing opportunities to work on open source projects can attract and retain top talent. Improving onboarding and training programs can help reduce turnover rates and ensure effective integration into company culture and team dynamics.

Comprehensive training and certification programs can supplement hiring.

Training is crucial for increased or reduced hiring activity. The data also suggests that job cuts are to blame for revenue misses and economic caution, highlighting the importance of taking a strategic approach to hiring and staffing decisions. Organizations that are reducing staff or pausing hiring plans need to focus on upskilling their existing workforce to prevent negative outcomes such as increased workloads and longer time frames for product delivery.


Invest in Results. Invest in Learning Outcomes with THRIVE!

THRIVE! is our new outcome-based training and certification subscription program. Rather than providing access to courses (THRIVE! does that too), we focus on – and you pay based on – the number of certifications your team needs to achieve. This outcomes-based approach helps ensure your teams learn the skills you need for success. And yes, we still offer traditional course catalog subscriptions too.

How It Works:

  1. Determine how many team members you need to upskill and certify
  2. Select the THRIVE subscription package that provides the appropriate number of successful certified graduates for your team
  3. Give your team full access to our eLearning training courses and certifications designed to build the skills your team needs to help your organization thrive

Benefits for Your Team:

  • Full access to the eLearning courses based on the number of team members you select
  • No more worries about how many team members register, take or fail a certification exam as your plan is based on SUCCESSFUL certified graduates
  • Access to a global, online community of current and former learners as well as LF instructors for each course
  • Easy, self-managed course selection and enrollment
  • Ability to talk to expert instructors during office hours to answer questions about their course of study

Benefits for You:

  • No per course manager approval
  • Administrative and customer service support provided by the Linux Foundation
  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Anyone on your designated team can have a chance to learn and advance their career

Let Us Show Your Organization How We Can Help Your Teams THRIVE in this Always Tight Labor Market.