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Decentralized Systems with Distributed Trust

LF Decentralized Trust is a new umbrella organization aimed at gathering and expanding a community and portfolio of technologies to deliver the transparency, reliability, security, and efficiency needed to successfully upgrade critical systems worldwide.

It will encompass current Hyperledger projects, along with new technologies, communities, and specifications crucial to the broader shift towards decentralized systems with distributed trust.

LF Decentralized Trust will serve as a neutral hub for the open development of a wide range of ledger, identity, security, interoperability, scalability, implementation, and related technologies.


Launching September 2024

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“The expanded scope of the LF Decentralized Trust is a welcome development to further support the evolution of decentralized technologies and assess a broader set of tools with the potential to reshape financial infrastructures. We look forward to building on our collaboration with the Linux Foundation and exploring new opportunities that complement Citi’s efforts to innovate and scale our digital assets capabilities for our firm and our clients.” 

– Ryan Rugg, Head of Digital Assets for Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi


“Various Hyperledger projects are an integral part in the tech stack of our research activities, which mainly focus on digital identity and digitizing processes. It has been great to collaborate and contribute in such an important open-source endeavor in the past, and we are looking forward to continuing to do so as these projects become part of LF Decentralized Trust.”

– Andreas Sommerwerk, Researcher at T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom


“As a founding member of the Hyperledger Foundation, and given our unique position in the financial markets, we recognize the vast potential for open-source innovation and decentralized technologies when it comes to reducing risk, increasing resiliency and improving security. The expansion of Hyperledger Foundation into LF Decentralized Trust represents an exciting opportunity to continue expanding these groundbreaking technologies.”

– Johnna Powell, Managing Director, Global Head of Technology, Research and Innovation, at DTCC

Government of British Columbia

“As the Government Chief Information Officer for the Ministry of Citizens’ Services, I am pleased to support the launch of LF Decentralized Trust. This project under the Linux Foundation aligns with our commitment to work in the open. By fostering collaboration, sharing updates, and making community-built trust technologies widely available, LF Decentralized Trust will strengthen the framework for critical services. We believe it will also enhance the success of Aries Cloud Agent-Python, an award-winning open-source software used globally, which the Government of British Columbia led the creation of. This software is vital for decentralized trust ecosystems.”

– CJ Ritchie, Associate Deputy Minister and Government Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Government of British Columbia


“The establishment of LF Decentralized Trust is expected to accelerate the innovation and utilization of blockchain and other foundational technologies, leading to their adoption by a greater number of users in the world.” 

– Kei Fukuta, Director of Blockchain Planning Department, Hitachi


“The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has always been a strong proponent of decentralized protocols and technologies. We have been actively collaborating with Hyperledger Fabric and its community. We are excited about NPCI’s inclusion in LF Decentralized Trust. This engagement allows us to connect with the broader decentralized tech ecosystem and promote its adoption. We look forward to this new and exciting opportunity to collaborate with the LF Decentralized Trust community.”

– Mr. Vishal Kanvaty, CTO, NPCI (The National Payments Corporation of India)


“Visa is supportive of a neutral and open-source approach that the Linux Foundation has been taking from the start. It encourages a unique developer ecosystem that is now being fast adopted by different enterprises for various use cases. This is important as we look to the future of developments in blockchain and tokenization, where an open-source, developer-led environment will help to continuously improve and evolve the software that underlies some of the core infrastructure that many financial institutions are utilizing.”

– Catherine Gu, Head of CBDC and Tokenized Assets, Visa


“We see a growing demand for decentralized trust in the open industry ecosystem of sellers and developers with integrated hardware and software. LF Decentralized Trust, with its commitment to open development and governance, is uniquely positioned to meet this demand by fostering collaboration and innovation.”

– Andreas Kind, VP Cybersecurity & Trust, Siemens

Stellar Development Foundation

“LF Decentralized Trust marks a pivotal moment for the future of decentralized technologies. As a leader in the layer one ecosystem, we at Stellar are excited to take an active role in the open governance that the Linux Foundation champions. This initiative will drive forward the innovation and adoption of decentralized systems, ensuring a transparent, secure, and efficient infrastructure for global digital transactions.”

– Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, Stellar Development Foundation


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We are actively engaged in evaluating new technologies to bring into the expanded LF Decentralized Trust ecosystem.

Congratulations! You are a founding member of LF Decentralized Trust. You will remain on your current renewal cycle.
If you are a current Hyperledger member, your memberships are valid as LF Decentralized Trust memberships. No further action is needed. When your next renewal window arrives, your invoice will reflect LF Decentralized Trust. The membership pricing will follow the same model.
They will become projects of the LF Decentralized Trust. We are actively working with the maintainers, including all Hyperledger projects, to revise their charters. The new charters will update governance, giving each project its own Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Note: For existing projects currently under the Hyperledger Foundation, they will also have the option to keep the Hyperledger name or, if they can obtain legal/trademark clearance, to drop 'Hyperledger' from their project name. (Note: This option was first introduced in the updated charter establishing the Hyperledger Foundation.)
The Linux Foundation has announced its intent to form the LF Decentralized Trust. Once this umbrella organization is formally launched, it will serve as the home for the global Linux Foundation community that is building software, specifications, and standards to ensure trust across critical decentralized systems. This will include the 14 projects and more than 50 labs in the current Hyperledger ecosystem, as well as other technologies and projects related to ledgers, identity, interoperability, security, integration, and implementation that current and future members and contributors bring to the table. Technologies that would fall under the new LF Decentralized Tech include distributed ledgers, smart contracts, decentralized file storage, decentralized identity systems, zero-knowledge proofs, multiparty computation, federated systems, and more.

This is a transition window. The development, governance, and support for projects, labs, SIGs, and communities under the current Hyperledger Foundation will continue as usual. Member support and marketing efforts will also stay in full force. 

In parallel, there will be work underway by the Linux Foundation team to ensure governance and systems are in place to support the broader reach of LF Decentralized Trust. Once the full infrastructure for the new organization is ready, it will be formally launched.

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