Hyperledger in Action ebook

Discover how Hyperledger technologies are the most widely used in CBDC experimentations 


  • Latest examples of central banks digital currency projects
  • Experimentation Info on Hyperledger technologies and live CBDCs
  • Market overview and Hyperledger Foundation insights
  • How Open-source software development is critical for success
  • How to get involved and community resources
As central banks around the world have explored and researched the uses, viability, and needs for a central bank digital currency, Hyperledger’s distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have been at the forefront of these experimentations. These DLTs, built in the open with vendor-neutral governance and currently deployed in several production networks in other sectors, provide proven technology with strong community support. 


Open source motivates higher-quality code. Everyone doing open source cares a lot more about the code they write, because they know anyone can see it'

Makoto Takemiya, 

CEO and co-founder at Soramitsu, the development company on Project Bakong - National Bank of Cambodia (NBC)


Contents include..

Hyperledger Foundation
CBDCs and Open Source
Hyperledger Projects
Community Work with CBDCs
Hyperledger CBDCs around the Globe

- European Central Bank
- France
- Thailand
- Project Inthanon-LionRock
- Cambodia
- Spain
- Australia
- Saudi Arabia & U.A.E.

CBDCs at Hyperledger Global Forum
Additional Resources and Readings
About the Authors


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According to the United States Federal Reserve, central bank money traditionally takes two forms: cash and reserves held by eligible financial institutions at the central bank.

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a generic term for the third version of currency that could use an electronic record or digital token to represent the digital form of a nation's currency. CBDC is issued and managed directly by the central bank and could be used for a variety of purposes by individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. 

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