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In Q1, we're featuring Hybrid blockchain solutions and use cases that connect any mix of permissioned, public or other platforms and networks.

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New Hyperledger Foundation marketing committee chairs 

  • Delighted to welcome our new marketing committee chair Helen Garneau, CMO of Indicio, and vice chair Maryam Mahjoub, CMO of SIMBA Chain, as leaders of our marketing committee!

  • Helen and Maryam will guide messaging and marketing strategy for Hyperledger Foundation and work to maximize growth opportunities for members of all sizes. To foster an active community of marketing and business leaders, the monthly Marketing Committee call, held the first Tuesday of each month, will transition to the Business Development call. 

  • This shift in focus for the monthly call is just one of the signs of Helen’s and Maryam’s new leadership. We asked them to share some of their thoughts on this committee, their roles and the market in general. Read on for their answers here.


Cointelegraph Interview

  • Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director Daniela Barbosa offers her take blockchain for enterprise is transforming global markets and industries. Read it here.

Asset Tokenization Is Shaping Up To Be Crypto’s Theme of the Year.

  • The tokenization of assets is still underappreciated by many market observers, as they might be focused primarily on the tokens themselves, according to Daniela Barbosa, executive director of Hyperledger Foundation. Read it here.

Latest member blog

Zero trust is a security model that assumes all network traffic is untrusted until proven otherwise. Organizations do not automatically trust traffic, even if it originates from a seemingly trusted source. Instead, all traffic is validated before being allowed to pass. By implementing strict access controls and continuous authentication of all entities entering the network for all transactions, zero trust: 

  • Improves security by reducing the attack surface and minimizes the potential for data breaches
  • Strengthens compliance by helping organizations meet regulatory requirements and industry standards for data protection
  • Provides greater visibility into network traffic and activities, allowing organizations to identify and prevent potential threats

Read the blog for more details.



2023 Mentorship Program

The lastest blog

Events & webinars

Don't miss these upcoming events

  • New course from BRI, Coursera and FedEx: The four-course “Specialization” introduces learners to the world of Web3 and blockchain for global commerce, explaining what blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary. Find out more.
  • Integra Ledger in-depth: Universalizing Document Automation Using Hyperledger Technologies on March 8. Register here.
  • Silicon Valley In-Person Meetup: Tokenization, Blockchain Interoperability and Web3 Integration on March 9. Register here.
  • New Workshop, co-presented by Kaleido: Using Hyperledger FireFly to Launch an NFT Collection on Public Chains on March 23. Register here.
  • Join us at Consensus 2023: Apply to present your demos, build your network and volunteer to staff our booth here.
  • Meet your banking and financial services peers for a two day workshop (March 20-21) in NYC for developers and technical leaders working with Hyperledger Besu. Register here.
  • We've partnered with The International Women of Blockchain (IWB) conference to offer discounted tickets to the event in Washington, DC, March 22-24th. Come celebrate the work women are doing in our industry. Go here to get our 20% discount code.
  • IIW returns to as in-person event this Spring (April 18-20)! Attend to get the real-time pulse of genuinely disruptive technologies that are the foundation of today’s important Internet movements. Go here to get our 20% discount code.

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