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Our Q2 campaign is showcasing DLT and blockchain technology focused on supporting the development of open source solutions to climate change, and efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement (the United Nation's global climate accord). 

Let's collectively amplify by tagging #HyperledgerClimate on relevant content on socials!

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  • Come visit us at booth 312, to learn about how Hyperledger Foundation is now an umbrella with over 15 market leading open source projects addressing both public and permissioned blockchain uses. Register now and save 25% with code HyperledgerC23. 


Internet Identity Workshop is back In Person at the Computer History Museum.

  • Join us in acquiring the real-time pulse of genuinely disruptive technologies that are the foundation of today’s important Internet movements. Hyperledger community saves 20% by registering here.

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  • We have long said there will not be one blockchain to rule them all. It will take a mix of blockchains and blockchain technologies to maximize the value of distributed ledgers, smart contracts, digital assets and self-sovereign identity between businesses, across industries and around the world. Read it here.

Checkout our latest community spotlights! #HyperledgerWomen: Stories from front lines of community building

To celebrate #HyperledgerWomen and their contributions to our community, we are asking a cross section of the many women leaders in our community to share stories about their careers, what brought them to the blockchain space, what projects they’re excited about and advice they’ve received or have to share. In this series, we will share stories from a diverse group of #HyperledgerWomen who are driving progress in our community, and in the industry at large. 

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Read the latest member case study! 

🛎️ See how Botanical Water Technologies Ltd and Fujitsu have built a solution to the 3 trillion liters of water wasted every year using Hyperledger Fabric!

Read it here here


#HyperledgerIdentity blog by Heather Dahl from @Indicio

  • On March 1, 2023, the Biden administration released its National Cybersecurity Strategy. The document has a clear and compelling theme: “We must ensure the Internet remains open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure — anchored in universal values that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Read it here.

How we help the community grow by pruning inactive projects

A blog by our community architects

  • Curious about Hyperledger project lifecycles? Removing projects from an open source community is a critical part of helping that community grow. Read more here

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  • Members Only: Join our next Hyperledger AMA (Ask Me Anything) on April 11th! Sessions are open forums for members to ask questions of Executive Director Daniela Barbosa, CTO Hart Montgomery, Sophia Lopez (Kaleido) and Heather Dahl (Indicio).

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