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Let's collectively amplify environmental sustainability solutions built on Hyperledger tech!

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Copy of Hyperledger Charter Updates

New member announcement 

🤝 Welcome to general members GoLedgerSenofi and Spydra and associate members Digital Euro AssociationDigital Pound Foundation and the European Blockchain Association.

Read more here.

Thank you to our members who presented at our Consensus 2023 speakers corner and who helped at the booth! 

Your contributions helped to make our exhibit a resounding success, and we are incredibly grateful for your support. Your expertise and insights into the world of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies were invaluable to the attendees who visited our booth. 

⚡️ Look out for the presentations coming soon to our Youtube channel. 

A big thank you to:

Alastria Instnt KrypC ConsenSys Mesh SIMBA Chain Kaleido ã‚½ãƒ©ãƒŸãƒ„ SORAMITSU | 7 YEARS 2016-2023Chainyard IntellectEU Kaleido Zeeve Filecoin Foundation iobuilders IBM Deloitte Casper Labs Hyperledger India Chapter Hyperledger Latinoamerica

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We would like to express our gratitude to member BTP for donating the new Hyperledger DLT Landscape! 

⚙ The landscape is a market segmentation initiative spearheaded by BTP Chief Strategy Officer, Csilla Zsigri, in 2021, that has now been officially named as the Hyperledger DLT Landscape.

⚡️ The inspiration behind the creation of the DLT Landscape stemmed from the growing complexity of the evolving enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) market.

🔦 With an increasing number of projects and companies innovating in areas beyond the core distributed ledger layer, the vendor landscape in this space has undergone a significant transformation.

➡️ Explore it here:


Digital Securities, Digital Assets, and Institutional Crypto 

Join us for an exhilarating ride into the world of digital assets and blockchain technology! We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Digital Assets Week in California, where we will be showcasing the groundbreaking distributed ledger technology work our community is developing and deploying in the real world. To connect with Executive Director Daniela Barbosa at Digital Assets Week, email us here.

Hyperledger Mentorship 2023 Program Blog 01 (1200 × 675 px)

Mentee applications open through May 15th for our annual mentorship program.

This year, the community has curated 30 well-scoped projects for our annual Mentorship Program. Anyone who is interested in rolling up their sleeves to dive into open source DLT tech development, documentation or research is encouraged to apply. The mentee applications are open now through May 15. Read more >>. Also, check out a recording of a recent meetup that covered everything you need to know about how to apply for this year's paid mentorship program.


Latest updates from Hyperledger India Chapter

👏 Read about the success and new beginnings of the Hyperledger India Chapter led by Deepika KaranjiVikram Sharma and Kamlesh Nagware and previously co-led by Arun S M.

Read it here here.

Untold stories podcast twitter

New podcast - Episode 2

  • 🔥 Our latest podcast - A Journey of leadership, innovation and open source blockchain technology, featuring Sophia Lopez from Kaleido is here!

  • In episode 2, Sophia delves into the birth of Kaleido, how it all began, and the challenges that turned into light bulb moments or key pivots. She explains the reasoning behind contributing the Hyperledger FireFly project to Hyperledger Foundation and provides advice to other organizations about why they should consider getting actively involved in the Hyperledger community.

    ➡️  Listen here.

Introducing Kubernetes operators in Hyperledger Bevel with Bevel-operator-Fabric

  • We are excited to announce that hlf-operator, a Hyperledger lab, has been integrated into Hyperledger Bevel and has been renamed Bevel-Operator-Fabric. Read more here.

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