Hyperledger in Action - India 

Discover how Hyperledger Foundation in India is leading the way in enterprise blockchain innovation, development, deployments and community involvement


  • Hyperledger India members - global and local leaders in blockchain 
  • Hyperledger India Chapter - vibrant, growing and supporting community
  • India’s expanding ecosystem - expertise, contributions, collaboration
  • Hyperledger Foundation - latest in projects, community, training and more
  • How to get involved and community resources

Hyperledger Foundation India members and community are on the front lines of blockchain deployments and the development of critical underlying platforms and technologies. This ebook gives insight into the exciting work by Hyperledger members in India and the Hyperledger India Chapter, which provides exceptional community activities, engagement and support across India and internationally.


Contents include..

Hyperledger Foundation
Hyperledger India Chapter
Mentorship Leadership
Hyperledger Projects
Community Work

Hyperledger Members

- Wipro
- Mindtree
- Tech Mahindra
- Snapper Future Tech
- Zeeve
- Infosys
- KBA, Saintgits

Walmart Global Tech India - Leading the Way
Hyperledger Global Forum
About the Authors

“India has a huge potential to drive digital transformation globally, leveraging blockchain technology. We at Snapper Future Tech work closely with the Government agencies and enterprises to build innovative solutions for Indian and Global customers using Hyperledger technologies. We are very excited as we work towards the vision of making India a $1 Trillion digital economy by 2025, where blockchain led digital transformation would play a significant role.

Kamlesh Nagware, CTO, Snapper Future Tech - Hyperledger Foundation TSC member 2021-2022, Co-lead, Hyperledger India Chapter


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Get the inside track on India members and community development and plans

Hyperledger Foundation’s India community, led by the regional chapter, is growing the Hyperledger ecosystem in India, promoting contributions to projects and providing a platform for collaboration, mentoring and support. The community’s growth is a combined success of our regional chapter and our members worldwide who support developer ecosystems in India.

Members of the India community have taken on leadership roles with the foundation, including as maintainers and contributors across Hyperledger projects and as contributors in special interest groups and working group activities. Learn about innovations in this key market that are transforming Hyperledger enterprise blockchain development.

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