Join us for a live roundtable discussing current trends in mobile graphics and gaming, the challenges developers face, and the benefits of participating in an open source working group as we build toward a mobile future.
Participants include:
  • Chris Melissinos,  Amazon Web Services 
  • Travis Boatman, Carbonated
  • Mo Firouz, Heroic Labs
  • Tobias Franke, Huawei
  • Tyrran Ferguson, Imagination Technologies
  • Hongyu Sun, OPPO

Topics Covered:

The roundtable will be moderated by Royal O’Brien, Executive Director of Open 3D Foundation and General Manager of Digital Media and Games at the Linux Foundation. In addition to having the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists, attendees will learn:
  • Latest trends in mobile graphics standards and technologies
  • Role of the O3DE community in advancing these standards and technologies
  • Goals of the Mobile Device Working Group
  • How a working group approaches moving from epics to tactics
  • How you can participate in shaping what happens next 

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